Discover the Healing Power of Camping!

10 Ways Camping Can Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

Campfire camping.

Life can often feel like a non-stop rollercoaster of work, responsibilities, and screens. In the midst of it all, it's easy to forget the incredible healing potential of simply stepping into nature and going camping! It’s not just about roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories; it can genuinely improve your mental well-being in numerous ways. So, grab your tent, put on those hiking boots, and let's dive into ten reasons why camping could be your ticket to a happier, healthier mind.

1. Reduced Stress

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping instead of your alarm clock. Camping takes you away from the daily grind, allowing your mind to relax and your stress levels to plummet. The serenity of the great outdoors can work wonders for your mental state. Furthermore, when you're in a natural environment, your body releases fewer stress hormones like cortisol. Instead, it releases more feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin, which can boost your mood and provide an overall sense of well-being.

2. Connection to Nature

Our modern lives often keep us confined indoors, far from the beauty of nature. Camping lets you break free from the concrete jungle and reconnect with the natural world. Feeling the earth beneath your feet and the wind in your hair can rejuvenate your spirit like nothing else.

Nature provides a profound sense of awe and wonder, which can be a powerful antidote to the stresses of everyday life. The grandeur of towering trees, the serenity of a flowing stream, and the sight of a star-studded sky all remind us of our place in the larger universe, offering a perspective shift that can be both humbling and deeply comforting.

3. Physical Activity

Camping isn't just about sitting around a campfire (though that part is pretty great). Activities like hiking, swimming, exploring the local towns and sites, or even just setting up camp involves physical exertion. This physical activity releases endorphins, those magical mood-boosting chemicals that can make you feel on top of the world.

4. Sunlight Exposure

In the wild, you'll bask in natural sunlight. It's not just good for your tan; it's also crucial for the production of vitamin D and the regulation of serotonin levels in your brain. Both of these factors contribute to a more stable and positive mood.

5. Digital Detox

Do you sometimes feel like you're glued to your screens, with the relentless buzz of notifications keeping you tethered to the digital world? Camping offers the perfect excuse to unplug and detox from your digital life, providing an escape from the constant demands of technology.

At many campsites, you'll find a refreshing lack of signal, making it nearly impossible to browse social media or respond to work emails. This enforced digital break allows you to fully immerse yourself in the camping experience. Instead of swiping through news feeds, you'll be gazing at the stars, listening to the rustling leaves, and savouring the crackling campfire.

6. Improved Sleep

The absence of artificial light when you camp can reset your circadian rhythm. Your body becomes more attuned to the natural light and dark cycle. The result? Improved sleep quality and a refreshed mind.

7. Mindfulness

Modern life often rushes by in a blur. When you're camping, everything slows down. You'll find yourself savouring the simple joys, like the crackling of a campfire or the taste of food cooked over an open flame. This mindfulness can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

8. Social Connection

Camping isn't just about escaping to the wilderness; it's also about forging connections with like-minded individuals. At the Greener Camping Club, our campsites are intentionally small, creating an intimate setting where you can bond with fellow campers. You'll find a close-knit community that shares your love for the outdoors.

What makes it even more special are our campsite foody events, such as pizza nights and bbq nights, where you can come together with your fellow adventurers. These gatherings offer a chance to connect over good food and great company, creating lasting memories and a sense of belonging. Camping is not just about nature; it's also about the people you meet and the friendships you form.

9. Sense of Accomplishment

Ever tried pitching a tent, building a fire, or cooking a meal outdoors? These seemingly simple tasks can give you a real sense of accomplishment. Mastering them boosts your confidence and self-esteem, which can have a profound impact on your mental health.

10. Time for Reflection

Amidst the peacefulness of nature, you'll find the perfect setting for self-reflection and introspection. Away from the hustle and bustle, you can take a step back, reevaluate your life, and set new goals. Camping can be a catalyst for personal growth and emotional healing.

In conclusion, if you're seeking ways to enhance your mental health and find a reprieve from the demands of modern life, camping could be your answer. At the Greener Camping Club, we're dedicated to creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere where you can bond with fellow campers. All our sites are intentionally small and well spread out, ensuring maximum relaxation and privacy. So, pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and embark on a camping adventure. Your mental health will thank you for it!

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New campsite in West Sussex!

Discover a serene escape to the Sussex countryside at Oakwood West Camping. Immerse yourself in a tranquil re-natured landscape surrounded by the South Downs and the sea. With glamping accommodation and woodland camping sites available, this secluded retreat is perfect for a peaceful getaway. Take a stroll, cycle or spend the day at the beach. With everything you need for a restful stay, book now and discover the beauty of Oakwood West Camping. Find out more…


New campsite in Cambridgeshire!

Cuckoo Fen in Over, Cambridgeshire is the perfect place reconnect with nature. This lovely small campsite offers 15 off grid camping pitches with plenty of space to play and explore.

Cuckoo Fen is less than a mile from the river Great Ouse, where a public slipway is available for launching canoes/kayaks. The area also benefits from many local public footpaths and cycle-ways and the city of Cambridge is within easy reach.
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Trees for life!

Just a few of the 13,500 trees that Greener Camping Club campsites are planting this winter - made possible by your membership! That’s right, the Club now has over 13,500 members, enjoying our 120 campsites across Wales and England. The planting of a tree for every member is embedded into the Club’s constitution and to date we have planted 32,000 trees - that’s 47 acres of new woodland! We couldn’t do it without you, so as we say in Wales, diolch yn fawr!

Coronavirus Update

All Greener Camping Club campsites are open as normal!


Coronavirus Update

All Greener Camping Club campsites are closed until further notice.
If you have a booking with one of our campsites and are thinking of postponing or cancelling your holiday, please contact the campsite directly.

We wish everyone all the very best going into these difficult times.


Coronavirus Update

Please note that several of our campsites that were due to open in March and April have decided to remain closed. Please check opening with individual sites.

The Club’s advice is to heed Government advice and not travel to, or stay at any (Greener Camping Club) campsite until such time as travel and social distancing restrictions are lifted.


Coronavirus Update

With the escalation of the Coronavirus pandemic and the Government’s latest advice, we have published our Coronavirus Update here. Please take a minute or two to read. Many thanks.


Plant a tree with the Greener Camping Club!

The Greener Camping Club takes its responsibilities to the environment very seriously. The Club's tree planting carbon offset scheme is one that all Members can participate in.


Why do it?
When our Members drive to their holiday destination - which is how most of us get to a campsite, they add carbon dioxide to the environment. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global climate change.

How does it work?
Planting trees is one of the simplest ways to offset this additional carbon dioxide generation, because trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. The amount of carbon dioxide a tree will offset depends on many factors, such as the type of tree, where it is planted and the amount of room it has to grow. On average, one broad leaf tree will absorb in the region of one tonne of carbon dioxide during its life-time.

What are we doing?
The Greener Camping Club has set up what we think is a first for the tourism sector - a native broad leaf planting scheme, involving the planting of several thousand trees per year. Tree species include oak, alder, hawthorn, wild cherry, crab apple, aspen, rowan and downy birch, to name but a few.

How do Members contribute?
When you book a camping holiday with a Greener Camping Club site, there is a requirement to join the Greener Camping Club. The membership fee is just £10, which is added to your camping fees. When you pay your fees, you are issued with your membership e-card - and your membership is counted towards the number of trees allocated to the campsite. At the end of the year, during the tree planting season, all the Greener Camping Club sites receive their allocation of trees to plant. Those sites that do not have room to plant trees can donate theirs to another site, or to a local tree planting project.

If you would like further information, eg. how many trees your chosen campsite planted last year, send an email to

Three new Greener Camping Club sites

Announcing three brand new Greener Camping Club campsites!

We've been busy this winter finding you outstanding new campsites to enjoy. Here are the first three of six new sites we have for the 2018 season.

gyrnddu ponty big-barn

'Gyrn Ddu Campsite' is our first site in Gwynedd, up on a beautiful stretch of the Llyn Peninsular. 'Tipis at Ponty', an adults only site, is in deeply rural Llansantffraid, Powys and hugs the River Cain. 'Big Barn Camping' is set on a small working farm and is just a stone's throw from picturesque Laugharne (Carmarthenshire) and Dylan Thomas' Boathouse.

To find our more about these other amazing new campsites, just click here.

Top tips for a more sustainable holiday


Travel by anything other than foot or cycling, by its very nature tends to be less than sustainable. We can't change the world in a week or even a year - but here some tips that go some way towards having a more sustainable holiday.

  1. Leave the car at home. Find a holiday location that can be explored by foot, bike or public transport. If you must take the car, limit to just one. Mad as it seems, there has been such a craving for people to take so much of home with them, it's not uncommon for families to turn up in multiple cars. If you have to take the car then find a location with activities to do without you having to drive too much.

  2. Camping and glamping offers you the chance to de-clutter and get back to basics. Find a campsite that cares about its environment and you'll usually find the friendliest hosts too! It’s no accident that people who are passionate about the environment tend to create intimate, friendly campsites and holiday experiences you'll want to return to time and time again.

  3. Beg, borrow or rent. It’s crazy to buy a beach shelter, wetsuit or boogie board to use for just one week a year. Far worse is many people recognise this and buy poor, not fit for purpose equipment, because they think ‘we only need this for a week’. Try and avoid this. Instead, buy quality kit that will last - even if second hand. Better still, find a host or location that lends or rents all the kit you need that would otherwise sit in the loft for 50 weeks of the year. It will give you more room in the car - it might even mean you could go by public transport.

  4. Keep it simple. This is the chance to de-clutter and disconnect from the umbilical, digital ties and re-connect with family, friends and nature. Manage with fewer clothes; take a good book and remember to slow down. Life doesn't get better with speed - it just goes faster. Better to enjoy your holiday longer by chilling out and consuming less.

  5. Buy local food and drink. This can be difficult but is worth it. Find the local farmers markets; support the smaller stores; buy the local beer; ‘get in’ with the locals. Most great hosts will already have this information for you but an email request to your host should get you in the know.

  6. Leave no trace - take only photos and leave only foot prints. Find a holiday host or location that cares not only about the environment but also community. This is more likely to be smaller, often family run businesses and accommodation providers who will promote this on their websites and communicate it in there sales literature and advertising.

Wherever you go, whatever you do - have a great holiday!


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