About The Greener Camping Club

The Greener Camping Club was established by a small group of like-minded people, themselves campsite owners, with a shared passion for sustainable, low impact camping holidays. The Club keeps the cost of membership low, at just £10 a year. Running costs are also kept as low as possible, with a percentage of funds used for projects such as our carbon offset scheme. This commits us to planting a tree for every member enrolled by our certificated sites. We also install nesting boxes, bat boxes, create habitat areas and support other environmental projects and good causes.
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Campsite Owners

Become a Greener Camping Club Certificated Campsite
The Greener Camping Club was set up with the aim of providing a greener, more environmentally-friendly style of camping experience. If you own a small campsite - or are thinking of starting one, share our values and are located in England or Wales, please click the link below to find out more.
Please Note
The Greener Camping Club is not a planning service for new campsites and does not provide campsite planning advice.

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