Terms & Condtions of Certifcation

1. Certificated Sites
Greener Camping Club Certificated Sites may only be used by its Members. New Members may be recruited by the Site Owner. ‘Unit’ refers to any tent, trailer-tent, campervan, caravan, motorhome or pre-erected 'glamping' structure. This Certificate is valid providing the following conditions are met:
a) At least one occupant per unit must hold valid Club Membership.
b) The number of units permitted to be on site at any one time must not exceed the number agreed and shown on the Certificate - and must not exceed five caravans, campervans or motorhomes.
c) No person may stay for more than 28 consecutive days.
d) Sub-letting of units is not permitted.
e) At the Annual Inspection, attention will be given to the condition and maintenance of site, including improvements to the natural environment, safe access, and facilities, including: drinking water supply; recycling, disposal of dry and liquid waste; provision of chemical disposal point (where installed) and accompanying water supply.
f) This Certificate does not legalise the storage of unoccupied caravans.
g) The site may only operate on the areas that have been agreed by the Club.
Subject to compliance with the above and the details shown below, the Certificate will be renewed by 1st March each year.

2. Site Facilities
a) A clearly marked drinking water supplies with no hose attached, installed in accordance with water authority requirements.
b) A collection point for waste recycling. As a minimum, recycling must include: glass; tins/cans; plastic bottles and other high grade plastic; paper; cardboard; drinks cartons; batteries; metal waste; compostable waste and food waste.
c) A sealed bin for non-recyclable waste. d) Recycling bins and site facilities must be regularly cleaned and maintained to avoid health hazards.
e) Where permanent facilities are provided, eg. toilets and showers, the Site Owner is responsible for ensuring appropriate planning permission has been obtained.
f) A notice board displaying: a valid Site Certificate, the Club’s Campsite Rules, emergency contact information and site location grid reference, or 'What3Words' equivalent.

Where provided:
g) A chemical disposal point (CDP), which must be a sealed system and installed in accordance with the local environmental health regulations.
h) A separate, clearly marked water supply that must be situated close to your CDP, (required for the cleaning of chemical toilet cassettes).

3. Responsibilities
The Club will:
a) Provide informal campsite related guidance where appropriate.
b) Issue an annual Certificate for use of the land as a camping and caravanning site.
c) Provide a site sign (this remains the property of the Club).
d) Actively promote its network of Certificated Sites.
Site Owners will:
e) Grant access to the site by Club Officers for unannounced inspections and routine Annual Site Inspections.
f) Provide and maintain all facilities on site to the standard expected by the Club and its Members.
g) Ensure valid Membership of everyone wishing to camp.
h) Register the name and email address of each Member, using the Online Membership System.
i) Ensure payment of membership fees within 14 days of invoice.
j) Ensure payment of the Annual Certification Renewal Fee within 14 days of invoice.
k) Ensure units are pitched in accordance with the minimum 'six metre' rule.
l) Properly supervise the site to ensure no visitor behaves in a way that may cause a nuisance, injury or damage to another visitor, local resident, member of the public or their property.
m) Annually provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance.
n) Display an authorised and unaltered Club sign at the site entrance.
o) Not operate any other camping or caravan site, under licence or certificate, in respect of the same landholding.
p) Notify the Club in writing of any change of ownership or site closure.
q) Notify the Club in writing of any change to details that may affect the site or its operation.
r) Display the GCC logo on the homepage and GCC information panel in a prominent position on Owner’s website.
s) Ensure that booking correspondence and/or third party booking services makes it clear that this is a 'Members Only' site and that £12 will be added to the camping fees for Membership.

Club Members have agreed:
t) That they will abide by the Club’s Campsite Rules, always carry evidence of Membership - and be prepared to produce this when requested.
u) That the Site Owner is in sole charge and Club Members must follow their instructions at all times and abide by their Terms & Conditions.
v) That all camping fees must be paid in full as requested by the Site Owner.
w) For safety, their camping unit is pitched so that the outside edge is a minimum of six metres from an adjacent unit.
x) They must use the sanitary facilities provided in a proper manner.
y) To make no noise or move vehicles between 10.00pm and 7.30am.
z) Dogs and other pets, where permitted, must be kept under their personal control at all times and dogs must not be left unattended.
aa) Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
bb) Never leave cooking appliances or campfires unattended.

4. General Points
a) Unless otherwise agreed by the Club, the camping season is from April to October.
b) If the site is to operate for longer, the facilities must be appropriately designed and properly maintained throughout the open period.
c) The Site Owner must always apply to the Club in writing to request extra units. d) The Site Owner must always apply to the Club in writing to request the addition of 'glamping' units, or any changes to existing 'glamping' units.
e) It is the Site Owner’s responsibility to check with their local authority that plans for the certificated campsite (including 'glamping' units) comply with the exempted camping legislation.
f) The site must be cleared of livestock at least 28 days prior to commencement of the camping season and remain stock free throughout the season.
g) Camping areas must be kept clear of any machinery, chemicals or hazards.
h) Attention must be given to safe access and necessary site signs.
i) The use of the site must not cause inconvenience to Club Members or local residents.
j) Club activities are guided by The Countryside Code and the Seaside Code. k) The Club retains the right to withdraw a Site Certificate without notice or explanation.
l) The Greener Camping Club is not a planning service for campsites and does not provide campsite planning advice.
m) The Club accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to persons or property arising from the use of a certificated campsite.
n) The Club accepts no responsibility for any financial or consequential loss arising from advice given, which is always on an informal basis.

Revised February 2023.

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