Site Plan

In order to submit an application you will need to upload a site plan. This is so we can gain an understanding of where you are and how you hope to lay things out.

The easiest way to create a site plan is to screenshot a Google map of your land. You then need to annotate it with the following information:

  • The full extent of your land holding.
  • The extent of your proposed camping area(s).
  • Where the facilities will be.
  • The location of your residence (if not on, adjacent or close to the site we are unlikely to certificate you).
  • Access from the highway to the campsite.
  • Shared access lanes, if any (you will need written agreement of the co-owners if you share access).
  • Private properties that will see, hear, or be in any other way affected by your campsite operations.

See the example below.

Stacks Image 5

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