Legal Disclaimer

24th January 2023 - Illegal, fraudulent 'phishing' website
We are aware of a 'phishing' website offering heavily discounted camping equipment, that is passing itself off as 'Greener Camping UK' and as trading from the Club's head office address.

You are advised that the website and 'company' is fraudulent and has no connection whatsoever with the Greener Camping Club. The Greener Camping Club does not sell and has never sold camping equipment.

The web address of the fraudulent site is:


The Greener Camping Club accepts no liability for any losses incurred as a result of transactions made with above named fraudulent website.

The website has been reported to the web domain name company and web hosting company, both of which are in the USA - and to the UK National Cyber Security Centre.

Further announcements will be made in due course.

Update 6th February 2023
The fraudulent website has had its transactional side closed down by ApplePay (the only payment method that was available). It is not now possible to complete a transaction on the website. We will continue to monitor the website.

Update 28th May 2023
The fraudulent website has been closed down and can no longer be accessed.

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