Application to start a certificated campsite

This application form is for landowners to apply to become a Greener Camping Club Certificated Campsite. Certification means you can operate your campsite lawfully without planning permission. This legislation only applies to England and Wales.

If you have not read our Guide to Creating a Greener Campsite, please download it now. The guide explains all the requirements of becoming a Certificated Campsite and will help you complete this application form.

You need to answer every question, even if the answer is no, not applicable, or 0 (zero).

If you answered ‘yes’ we will need written agreement from the co-owners that access for the campsite is granted.
31. Upload a site plan of your campsite
A site plan is required so that we can see the extent of your land, the area for the campsite, where the facilities will be, where the access from the highway is and where if any, your affected neighbours are. For details of how to create your site plan, see Guide to Creating a Greener Campsite.
Upload a site plan of your campsite
That’s it. Just press the submit button and you’re done.


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